Paint Protection Film Installation

Prevention is better than the cure

Fast Mustards Racing Room is widely regarded as the source for quality PPF application to the premium car segment. Often called to apply film to Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley and others. When attention to detail, care and quality are paramount, there is no equal.

There are many brands and types of film on the market with relative levels of quality and price. The Racing Room chooses to use 3M's Black range (formerly Ventureshield) and Premium Shield, developed by the creator of Ventureshield. Their supply consistency and quality in manufacture ensures the best possible application outcome. Film choice will be dependent on required coverage, proposed clarity and vehicle application. You can elect either film however our experience might be worth considering.

Our film kits are computer cut from thousands of patterns encompassing all but the most unusual vehicles and with the exception of some obscure areas which are then custom made for your particular requirement.


Our Paint Protection Films are optically clear, do not detract from the original shape and design of your car, can be removed if desired, and offer the best defence against road debris impact.


Contact us for more information and get protected.

The Racing Room are authorised 3M, Premium Shield &
Di-Noc installers.

Professional Application

The Racing Room has a reputation of providing the best service, the best products and outstanding application of paint protection films for what would be considered premium cars and motorbikes.


All film is laid by hand and all bar custom applications use pre cut patterns giving the best possible fit to your car. Some unique cars and older models may require additional work in order to offer premium coverage.


For the ultimate application, please consider our paint preparation service beforehand. Even the best new cars can have paint defects that may show up or even be exaggerated once our film is applied. Clay bar preparation, light machining and basic detailing might all be worthwhile. Ask us for more details and a quote by using the enquiry form below. Its worth it.

The question of pricing

Work of this calibre does not come at a bargain price and so if you are shopping for the cheapest application, we must disappoint.


Pricing of the film and the many possible applications is difficult to have here as a ‘price list.' With differences, sometimes very subtle ones, on almost every make & model, the dozens of possible dealer and customisable body options and not forgetting the particular requirements of a vehicles owner, make the listed price scenario almost impossible. The Racing Room will quote each car based on the requirements of its owner, the cars location and the myriad of options as above.


Please use the enquiry form for a quote for your requirements and we promise a same working day response. Please state essentials like make, model, variant and year, location, use (everyday, track car etc) and even colour. It all helps us to give a quote for the best coverage options.

Regular Maintenance

It is not likely your car will be left uncared for but even still, the PPF will require ongoing maintenance to keep its optimum appearance. We don’t offer a product that claims to end your car care woes forever! However with a little extra attention at detailing time, the film will retain its clarity and protective qualities for years.


There are many products that will maintain the filmed areas of your car and we can assist you with this when the time comes. Chances are the correct product is in your detailing cabinet now.

Our Warranty

The Racing Room warrants both the film and our application. The film itself has a two year warranty against yellowing, cracking and general degradation (impact damage excepted) provided normal care procedures are followed, and the application warranty against lifting, peeling or creases (generally noticeable after the drying process) is also for two years.


Because of varying types of paint respraying due to accident or defect, we cannot warrant the film or its application in these instances. However in the interests of good business, The Racing Room will address any concerns you have at any time. There is no warranty for Motorsport applications other than your statutory rights.

For a full summary of film maintenance and care please print the PDF document as listed below.

Warranty detail and FAQ information PDF for download

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